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BlackRock (BLK) is the world's largest publicly traded investment management firm. As of September 30, 2016, it had assets under management, or AUM, of $5.1 trillion. This is ~7% of the total assets under management across the globe.

China’s reform challenges

Drag the orange line markers in the first four charts to create your own scenario for China’s reform path.
How it works
Hypothetical outputs

Sources: BlackRock Investment Institute, IMF, Bank for International Settlements, February 2017.

Notes: The chart shows China growth and credit metrics, based on annual data and projected based on scenarios created by the IMF as part of its 2016 Article IV review. The IMF no reform scenario assumes that the investment share of GDP remains constant. The stabilization scenario uses the IMF’s GDP forecast from the World Economic Outlook and assumes the investment share of GDP hypothetically falls by 3 percentage points by 2021 and we extrapolate that same pace of decline to 2025 while keeping the debt-to-GDP ratio constant. All other variables are held constant. The investment efficiency chart shows how much investment is needed to generate a unit of GDP growth. A higher number shows that the capital stock is growing by more than GDP, thus depicting inefficient investment. The credit efficiency chart is the same but with credit (non-financial debt) relative to GDP. Select the information icon on each chart for more detail on each specific metric.

BlackRock Investment Institute