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This Thanksgiving, we want to take the opportunity to thank our readers for helping to make the iShares Blog such a success.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

We also asked our contributors to share a few thoughts about what they’re thankful for this year.  Here’s what they said:

Russ Koesterich:

I’m thankful that, despite a lot of close calls, we managed to muddle through another year.  And I’m thankful that after a year spent largely on the road, my wife and son have not changed the locks.

Del Stafford:

I am very thankful for our newest addition, little Courtney Elise.


Daniel Morillo:

I am thankful for my healthy, happy kids.  Of course, they are healthy and happy mostly because they have a great mom, my patient wife who only occasionally sighs about all the travel and bike riding.  The fact that she lets me use my kids’ love of Legos as an excuse to purchase and build a Lego Star Destroyer is icing on the cake.

Dodd Kittsley:

I am truly thankful to be a part of an industry that I wholeheartedly believe in, surrounded by talented and dynamic individuals who champion innovation and doing the right thing.  And I’m thankful to have the opportunity to share what I learn with others.  But most of all, I’m thankful for a supportive family that has made it all possible and motivates me to do more each day.


Matt Tucker:

I love the work that I get to do here at iShares, but I’m always thankful for the opportunity to spend some time at home with family.

Sue Thompson:

I’m most thankful this year for the health and general happiness of my family.  I’m also thankful that I survived my milestone birthday and the accompanying jump off the Stratosphere!